Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Browns

The Brown’s have a ton going on, but we are very excited! Next week will be the start of our vacation to beautiful WA State. Trust me we will post a ton of pictures after. The highlight of this trip for me will be getting the Nutty latte at the Ittys Buzz, my guess is that Nathan’s favorite spot is going to be Ruby Beach.

I have currently started my quest to read through the bible in one year. So far so good, hopefully I can make it through Deuteronomy and Numbers without stopping; that is where I usually get bored and give up. We are also in the process of cleaning up our condo and going through all our junk to get ready for when we will actually start trying to get pregnant. I know I am OCD, but I don’t want to have the stress of doing all this while I am actually pregnant.

My awesome husband let me buy the Kitchenaid Artisan in Blue Electric. I am so excited and can’t wait until I can use it to make sugar cookies. Below is a picture.

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