Monday, January 31, 2011

New Bed

Yay our new bed was delivered yesterday. We got a Tempur-pedic Cloud. I love it. I seriously can't wait for Nate to get home so he can try it. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

RIP Kevin

So Kevin passed away this morning. I am super sad and really feel for his wife and kid.

Going to snuggle my hubby close tonight!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OK I am sad

A friend from HS has Leukemia and has a month to live. The weird thing is they found out after he was rushed to the ER, he had no symptoms before and now he is going to leave a wife and two month old. The other weird thing is that Taryne knows the wife because she is a nurse in the same department. I had no clue that the person she was talking about on Monday was Kevin until i noticed the status update on Wednesday and put 2 and 2 together. 

I guess what everyone needs to learn from this is to live everyday like it is your last and never take your love ones for granted.

Love you guys


WWF in my living room!

So Nate and I got home tonight and Ivy decided to show Pierce her authority and slap him across the face with her paw. Of course I ran to get my camera so that you could laugh along with me only to find that my camera battery is dead. Sooo it is on the charger so i can capture all the funny cat moments i see every day. LOL :)


Ivy and Pierce's Mom

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Washington State National Parks Vacation August 4-9! :)

So we booked our 2011 vacation to WA State last night. We are super excited! J Our plans are to stay at the Super 8 in Port Angeles, WA for the first night (8/4) and eat at Bella Italia.

Then wake up the next morning (8/5) go to Itty Bitty Buzz for breakfast & coffee. Their Nutty Latte is the best! OMG!
Then off to Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, Marymere Falls, Sol Duc Falls and Forks, WA. We will be staying at the Miller Tree Inn (The Cullen’s House) in the Cedar Creek Room for the remaining days.  

(8/6): We plan on going to Cape Flattery and La Push. La Push finally got a coffee shop in 2009. J It is called Jacob’s Java, I think, it was put in right by the house that is on the tour as Jacob’s house. J

(8/7): Calvary Chapel Forks and random walks around Forks, shopping and all that.

(8/8): Ruby Beach and Hon Rainforest/Hall of Mosses. Ruby Beach is my favorite beach in WA. Sorry La Push.

(8/9): Take a ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle then caught a flight home to So Cal.

It is going to be an awesome trip!! J

Hi All and welcome to our fam bam!

2011 is the beginning of our first year married, and we decided it would be fun to start a blog about our new family.