Monday, June 18, 2012

My eggo is prego!

Nate and I are thrilled to announce that we are PREGNANT with our first child!!!!

I took a home pregnancy tested on April 19th and got a very faint second line but since I had used a cheap test, I decided to buy a First Response Early Results to confirm. I tested again on April 20th and got a definite second line just in time for my 31st bday party. Tested again over the next few days and got positives on other brands and digital pregnancy tests. I made an appointment for Monday April 23 to confirm and get blood work done. My betas(HCG) were 239.4 at 3weeks6days(normal 5-50 for 3weeks) and my progesterone was 24.5(over 10 is good).  My second betas were 12,195 at 5weeks and my beta levels are tripling. My due date is NEW YEARS DAY 2013.

My first OBGYN appointment was May 9th(6 weeks 1 day). They found the baby and it had a heartbeat I could see and hear. They also found what they thought was a twin that didn’t have a heartbeat; I think it was just the yolk sac cause from different angels it was round. The baby measured exactly 6 weeks 1 day.YAY!
My second OBGYN appointment was May 24th (8 weeks 2 days). The baby had a heartbeat of 175 and measured exactly 8 weeks and 2 days. Nate got to come with me this time and he said it made it more real to see the baby on the monitor. :)
8w2d (It wouldn't let me turn the picture) :(
This morning I had a Nuchal Translucency Screening done at 11weeks 6days to check the baby for birth defects. I have a low risk for birth defects and it was cool to watch the baby dance around on the ultrasound.

My third OBGYN appointment is June 27th (13 weeks 1 day). I will post more pictures after. =D