Wednesday, February 23, 2011

21 reasons why cats are better than dogs! Written by a biased cat person!

Cats don’t need to be trained to go in the litter box.

Cats don’t wake you up so you can take them out to go to the bathroom.

Cats are independent. You don’t need someone to come over and watch them while you go on a weekend trip.  

Cats don’t piss off the neighbors with howling, crying, digging holes and jumping fences. My neighbors have annoying dogs, so this got added.

Cats don’t need daycare.

Cats clean themselves, no need to give them a bath.

Cats entertain their owners by chasing after laser pointers (tonight, tomorrow, or anytime).

Cats can live their entire life indoors.

Cats don’t expect to be taken for walks.

Cats rub against you to show affection.

Cats snuggle better and smell better than dogs.

Cats don’t usually beg for food. Pierce is the exception, he meows when it is feeding time. LOL

Cats purr.

Cats are usually prettier than dogs.

Cats are quieter.

Cats are less likely to attack random people or dogs and get you sued.

Cats don’t like fancy toys. Give them a glove or a milk cap and they will be happy. They also take better care of their toys.

Cats don’t chew on furniture.

Cats don’t bark at guest you bring to your place.

Cats are funnier than dogs.

Cats are a natural insect or pest repellent. 



  1. A M E N !!!! I like what my sister said, "I only like dogs that act like cats."

  2. I <3 Cats! Especially these 3 particular cats! xoxo